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Fashion Trends that will Grab Your Attention in 2020

As they say-tide and fashion is never constant. As the socio-economic and psychological changes occur to a socie, the latest definition of the fashion trends changes as well.  What is highly adorable today, that can be simply obsolete tomorrow. That’s the nature of the fashion industry. This blog is a crispy guideline for you, intended to help you in choosing what are the mandatory clothes for your wardrobe this year and what styles are gonna rule the fashion world in the next twelve months.

Stripes will Steal the Show

Stripes are actually never out of fashion. It suits perfectly with any kind of body shape. Designers are going to dedicate huge attention to both horizontal and vertical stripes. Fashion experts are saying, grabbing a two-coloured stripe dress is the best way to look cool at the office and everyday fashion. A striped top with leopard printing pant or striped palazzo with one coloured top is two of the best fashion combination this year.

Hot Pant is the Hottest Fashion this Time

Hot pant started its proud journey on the way of fashion history from 1950. The casual and bold dress has never failed to win the heart of fashionistas. On one hand, it has annoyed the traditional minds and on the other hand, all the updated and modern women have hugely embraced it. This time the symbol of passion, style, and rebellion is back to make a splash. You will notice the combo pack of comfort and style from the shopping mall to your college canteen, everywhere.

Leather will be a Must Have One for Your Wardrobe

Whatever you are, a fashionista or a carefree gal, you can’t ignore the commitment and charisma of leather. It can be your mandatory winter jacket, reliable hunter shoe or stylish vanity bag, you can’t think anything more stylish and serviceable than leather. This time, fashion designers intend to recreate the convenience of leather with the touch of fashion. Dyed leather in various colours is here for you. Pick up the brightest colours leather jacket to add vivid colour to your life!

Puffed Sleeve is Going to Rule

Though this is always among the Fashion Trends, still 2020 is the year to make it more adorable. Designers are ready to explore more experiments over puffed sleeve dresses. Let the puffed sleeve tops over your jeans or hot-pants make you noticeable in your monotonous office days or let a puffed sleeve one-piece make you look more feminine.

Never Ever Dare to Ignore Neon

This time all the ever ignored colours like dollish pink, lime greenish and blazing oranges are going to be the priorities of fashion designers. Some neons have far possibilities to invite a fashion disaster if you aren’t handling it with absolute perfection and moreover, neon is odd sometimes. Still, odd is the new mod this year. Renowned fashion designers have revealed that embracing neon dresses will radiate a flamboyant but monochromatic nature, So, don’t fear to put on a neon top or neon one piece this year to create an out of the box but intelligent look.

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