Fashion with Animal Prints

Fashion with Animal Prints

Fashion with Animal prints has always been on trend. Animal prints are never out of style. They bring a sense of versatility and charm when paired right. You can never go wrong with animal prints. Even your most boring outfits will get a new look when you pair them up with animal prints. Fashion with animal prints is popular for many reasons due the different patterns, colours which resemble the sketch of animal skin. 

Skin prints of animals such as a leopard, cheetah, jaguar, zebra, tiger, clouded leopard, margay, ocelot, spotted hyena, striped hyena, African dog, constrictor snake, giraffe or monkey are resembled. Fashion with Animal prints extends beyond clothing and are commonly used for other decorations such as rugs, wallpaper, or painted surfaces.

In this article you will read about the various kinds of animal prints and how you can style them.


Zebra print dresses

These kinds of dresses have alternating long, black and white stripes. If you want to look elegant yet charming then zebra print dresses would be the right choice for you. These are one of the most accepted and fashionable animal print dresses these days.

Giraffe print dresses

Fashion with animal prints includes Giraffe prints these are rectangular, medium-sized spots which are brown in colour. For dresses, these spots are printed on beige-coloured fabric which looks beautiful when worn. 

Leopard print dresses

Leopard print is one of the most popular animal prints. Dresses with leopard prints are small with tan and brown coloured spots. Leopard print skirts and dresses look very fashionable and are styled with any plain pattern.

Tiger print dresses

Fashion with animal prints also includes tiger prints. Such prints are considered to be daring and bold. Dresses with tiger prints have black spots printed on orange-coloured fabric.

Snake printed dresses

These dresses usually have a tan-coloured fabric with a peculiarsense of styleand has colouredspots printed on it. These are also available in different other colours such as olive green, yellow, red with spots and various other snake print colours and patterns.

Fashion with animal prints also include various other varieties such as Sun glasses, animal print boots, watches with animal print straps on it, belts, hair bands, studs. These are considered to be classic fashion when used elegantly.


Wear Animal print sparsely

Pair up animal prints with classic styles. If you are wearing an animal print top then wear a black leather skirt or a black denim jean. Do not add any more animal pattern to your outfit nor your accessories.

Balance the prints

You can wear a complete one animal print pattern flowy sleeveless long dress which looks absolutely beautiful. Keeping it simple is the actual key here.

Accessorize wisely

If you feel that animal prints are too much for you, then a discreet way to take advantage of this pattern is with carefully chosen accessories. You can wear tiger or snake print shoes or you can pair your dress with a leopard print bag whatever seems good with your outfit.

Don’t mix animal prints

Just try to stick only to one animal print. If you mix a leopard pattern top with tiger pattern skirt it will look absolutely disastrous. So the simple and best way is to stick to just one print at a time.

Fashion with animal prints is completely based on your own personal style. Decide how many animal prints you want in your wardrobe and how you want to style them. 

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