Is interior Designing a good career option after 12th?

Is Interior Designing a good career option after 12th?

The credit of Interior Designing is often given to ancient Egyptians, who decorated their mud huts with sample furniture enhance by textiles, as well as sculptures. Later Romans and Greeks built their buildings with the reference of Egyptian art. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the French renaissance led to reviving focus on the beauty of the interior designing. Architects create spaces with elaborative and decorative elements such as marble floors, and the furniture made of finest woods. Now, in the present generation, Interior designing involves in arts as well as science. Interior Designing is the art and science of understanding people behaviour to create functional spaces within the building.


Interior designing is the best course for practical persons who are zeal in seeking more subject in practical rather than the theory. As a result, such persons can make the best carrier out of it. The person who wants to take an interior designing course should have ingenuity in creativity. Also, the person should be able to have management abilities. Because he/she should able to communicate and grab the contract from the client. Employment of the interior designer is projective to grow four percent from 2018 to 2018, about as fast as the average for all occupation. The qualification person to become an interior designer is a minimum of four GSCEA-c pass or equivalent level 2 qualification. There is the best scope for civil engineering students for this course.


Interior designers are licensed professionals, and also has the background to be able to apply human behaviour. They are not the interior decorators. Interior designers work for the client’s needs, they undertake clients projects and fulfil the needs. They are effective in space and budget planning. To satisfy the client’s needs

  • First, the designer should know much possible information from the clients. So that according to the client needs they plan the design.
  • After receiving the project, the designer should take multiple expensive and time-consuming tests to create an optimistic design by spending some time to make the best outcome.
  • And next, the designer should submit the soft copy of what the designer is going to make the project.  
  • Based on the budget of the project the designer should implement the design.
  • Most of the interior designers cover their major projects like residential, commercial and other workplaces.
  • The role of the interior designer is to present the best and effective result to the client.

The person who wants to make the interior designing course should have more creativity. To create your identity one should have some management abilities.

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