Top Staircase design ideas

Top Staircase designs for your dream home

Staircase designs bring aesthetic appeal for every home! Most of the Staircase designs are always focal points for the spaces they are in. So, with the limited space in your home, having a second floor is a must in every home design. In today’s Home Interior designs that’s the reason why Staircase designs have become a trend. Hence whether it is for look or functionality, staircases are always eye-catching. However, these Staircase designs will add charm to the Indian homes. Let’s take a look at some of the Staircase designs.

Woody staircase designs

Wood is one of the most wonderful elements found in the Nature. Wood adds warmth to any space used in every corner of home. These woods are not only strong but also occupy less space. The much more interesting combination of wood is by glass or metal. 

Airy and Open Tread Staircase designs

These open tread staircases come with no support or railings on either side. These types of designs serve as storage spaces in many houses and also bring elegance and luxury to the space. 

Built-in storage

However, Staircases occupy a lot of space no matter which type you choose. So, that’s why hiding some storage inside of the stairs will be the wonderful idea. In addition, some of the stairs hide pull-out drawers which are perfect for the storage of shoes and other things. 

Steel or metal  Staircase design

Steel will be literally a strong staircase design idea. So, if you are renovating your house, reflecting your home’s heritage through similar materials like steel and metal is a great way to capture an authentic finish. 

Spiral Staircase 

There is no rule that Spiral staircases can only be used outside but you can also use this design idea within the interior too! Hence these spiral staircases take a lot of space and they do not fit in any corners. So, make sure to build them smartly.

Wonderful White Out

However, corners are the great places to build the staircases. So, for those who like the concept of white, this staircase design will be the best idea. Moreover, white is not a common colour, but white stairs look amazing. Because they have pure and delicate elegance which always gives a unique look. 

In addition, white stairs contrast with brown walls and give an elegant look. Another one highlights when white staircase cis complemented with green wall. 

Finally, this is all about some of the unique staircase designs. So, if you plan the interior design as well as plan for the best interior designer. And KIFT is one of the top interior designing colleges that produces the best certified interior designers. Enroll Now and start your career in Interior designing.

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