DIY Lamps for Interiors - Want to make your home stylish?!

DIY Lamps for Interiors – Want to make your home stylish?!

Generally, we spend a lot of money and time buying variety and modern lamps. Instead, we can make beautiful lamps for ourselves with the things we use at home. These lamps completely change our interior and give a new style to interiors. Not only that we will get the unique and attractive look with less amount. By this, we can also recycle products. Here are some examples of DIY lamps for Interiors.

Doily lamps:

We have different lace designs which are so attractive. From those laces, we can make lamps. What all we need is a balloon, fevicol and lace cloth. First of all, you should blow a balloon and attach a lace with fevicol to it. After it dries release the air from the balloon so that balloon will be removed and the lamp is ready. You can hang these DIY lamps at any place you want. 

Bottle lamps:

In everyone’s home, we use different bottles. With those bottles, we can make beautiful DIY lamps for Interiors. Take a bottle and paint the bottle as you like with different colors. And then drop some small lights in it. When you place it near a dining table during parties it will be an attraction.

Tetra box lamps:

Generally, we use tetra packs in homes for different purposes. After using them keep them aside. Now take the collected tetra pack boxes and craft them as you like. And then add bulbs to it. These DIY lamps will give you a different look to your interiors. Likewise, you can learn different types of DIY lamps by joining interior designing courses at KIFT Fashion College.    

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