7 Orange based colour schemes for Interior Designs
Orange based colour schemes for Interior designs


Interior designs are colour oriented. Orange is a bright and vibrant colour. Orange is formed by the combination of yellow and red colour and is rather considered an energetic colour. It provides warmth and energy to the surroundings and is one of the best colours in the interior designs. Shades of orange also blend in with other colours and provide a beautiful combination for interior designs. From the bright orange shade to the pastel orange all the different shades contribute to attractive looking interior designs. 

In this article you will read about how the orange based colour schemes when fused with other rich tones changes your complete interior design.

Orange and White

This is a classic combination of colours. This two toned combination can be used for your bed room, living room and also in your office. Orange coloured one sided wall paired with white sofa sets gives a very beautiful array of display and also looks very authentic. Pair the whole combination with black colour chairs and frames to complete the interior design.

Orange and deep Bronze

Orange and bronze is also one of the excellent interior designs ideas. Also, Orange interior combined with a dark brown flower vase with orange curtains and big deep bronze piece of wood on the wall to hang the frames looks very classy. You can use a light brown shade of carpet to combine the whole look together.

Orange and Honey Interior designs

Orange and Honey combined gives a kind of woody look to the whole interiors. Lightest shade of orange can be used in the kitchen with the honey coloured cabinets. A marble black stainless steel stove will form an amazing merger. You can also use brick brown coloured sink which goes well with the complete design. 

Orange and Grey

Orange and Grey interior designs are one of the most subtle interior look. You can paint the walls of your bedroom with light grey and the roof of your bedroom white. Use a burnt orange coloured bed sheets with the apricot curtains. You can also use a white coloured reading table along with a metallic black chair.

Orange and Blue Interior designs

This colour scheme can be used in the living room. You can pair grey coloured sofa white sky blue and orange pillows. A light blue coloured tempered table can be arranged just opposite to the sofa. Peach shade curtains can combine the whole interior design.

Orange and Purple

This combination can also be used for your bedroom. Lavender walls with dark purple and Orange cabinets can be used. One sided carrot orange wall with white study table will bring together the whole colour scheme. 

Orange and  Green

It’s a comfortable colour scheme which also calms the mind down. Lime green coloured walls with burnt orange shade sofas looks exemplary. Other than that you can also place plants in your living room which is quite a trend now a days which can contribute to the interior design. 


Interior design is the art of combining various colours, patterns and styles together  as orange provides variety of shades and fits well with most of the colours which makes it an ideal colour for using  in interior designs.

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