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8 types of fashion styles

8 Types of Fashion Styles You Can Wear

Fashion is the popular style within a particular culture at a specific time. Fashion is related to emerging trends. It refers to the most popular fashion trends of the time. The current dominant fashion styles are dealt with by the fashion industry. Fashion houses host fashion shows held by fashion houses to showcase apparel that conveys a vision for the future of fashion. Then, in response to that vision, fashion bloggers, editors, and influencers give their suggestions, and sellers use all of that information to market clothing to the general public. Fashion is heavily influenced by how the newest trends are presented, whether on social media or in publications like Vogue. Fashion may be all about coming up with unique ways to dress, but sometimes having a blueprint is helpful. Here are the 8 types of fashion styles that are unique in their own way.

Sports Fashion Style: Sporty fashion is simple to define because it is all about sports. This trend is all about the gym, gaming, yoga, running, and so on. Every sport, such as tennis, football, cricket, and swimming, has its unique dressing to make it more comfortable and relaxing to watch. Running trousers, tights, shorts, bodysuits, skirts, and uppers are examples of this fashion style. This sort of clothing is made from stretchy and soft fabric materials.

Bohemian Fashion Style: This style is well-known for its free-flowing appearance. The majority of the designs in this fashion style are loose with a variety of smart cuts flowy, and natural fabrics are typically used to make this type of dress. Bohemian fashion is an artistic fashion with a touch of ethnic features that is loose-fitting and easy to wear.

Grunge Fashion Style: Grunge fashion was inspired by grunge music in the mid-1980s. This look emphasizes large garments, ripped patterns, layering, and messy apparel. This clothing fashion can be adopted by anyone because it is easy and has something for everyone. The grunge fashion mentality encourages people to wear what they want and does what they want, rather than what society expects of them. These fashion styles are entirely about the individual, rather than society or trends.

Preppy Fashion Style: Preppy fashion is influenced by the attire and uniforms worn at exclusive East Coast prep schools and Ivy League colleges. Preppy fashion is frequently inspired by upper-class sports such as polo, yachting, tennis, and horseback riding. Polo shirts, Oxford shirts, argyle sweaters and socks, cloth-wrapped headbands, boat shoes, blazers, pearls, cardigans, and khaki pants are common attire for preps.

Punk Fashion Style: Punk fashion is influenced by aggressive and defiant punk rock music. This fashion style is characterized by leather, body piercing, tattoos, neck chain, studs, bright-colored spikes, combat boots, rib pants, stud belts, and fishnets. Punk fashion is more about uniqueness and freedom.

Street Fashion Style: For the past few years, street fashion has grown in popularity. This style is mainly about individuals and their wardrobe choices. Anyone can dress up in this style to show their personality based on their preferences and mood. These fashion styles are not influenced by present fashion trends. It is popular among young people because it combines comfort, style, simplicity, and smart dressing.

Classic Fashion Style: A polished everyday style that contains workwear elements such as blazers, pencil skirts, and khakis is referred to as classic style. This more formal appearance is great for the office and other places where you want to seem your best.

Casual Fashion Style: Casual clothing is appropriate for the weekend. Consider wearing jeans, a casual T-shirt, and sneakers or flat boots. Streetwear and sports style are both examples of casual styles, yet casual styles can also be preppy or cool.


Fashion styles are for everybody who desires to stand out. Styling is all about expressing your love of fashion in your own unique way. Anyone can adopt any fashion style to create their unique look based on their personality. Fashion lovers can simply grasp and adopt these fashion styles into their lives. KIFT College of Fashion and Interior provides the best fashion designing course with expertise in faculty and lots of real time training which helps the students to grow in their career professionally.

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