How 3D Printing is revolving rund the world?

How 3D Printing revolving round the world?

3D printing has made its way into the fashion industry. Many Celebrities and Fashionista’s are laying their hands on 3D print dresses. Nowadays with increased interest in Customised and Personalised products, 3D Printing also trending. It is one of the phenomenal and fresh innovations in the Fashion industry.

3D printing has mainly made its way to the runway shows but in no more than less time, it will hit the stores as well. In this article, you will read about the 3D print evolution in various Categories.


3D prints on clothing sounds very extraordinary. This type of clothing has great potential but it is boundaries to high fashion art.  Even with the basic material can design this yet look very elegant. Small pieces of apparel are put together according to the body shape. Various Mesh designs, jewels embedded in clothes, 3D print tops and many more are in fashion. As technology will advance in the future you could have the chance to 3D print your own clothes at home

3D Print on Knitwear

In this type of design there is combination of two types of fabrics. Printing Is done on loose-knit and allowed to shrink and then elastic fibres are used to complete the design. This expands a large way for innovations that look extremely delicate. This is completely different from the traditional knit ware. The designs are practical, stable and washable. It’s a fashion art which will expand more in near future.

3D Print on Gowns

These are made with utmost care in every 3D model. However, the complete dress is made from parts of the 3D prints which easily adapts to our body shape. These dresses have a lace-like structure and are very expensive. Iris Van Herpen, a well-known 3D printing fashion designer, collaborated with Julia Koerner, to create an intricately designed dress as part of the Voltage Collection.

3D print on Skirts

Designer Julia Daviy released her first 3D print collection which involves highly customizable skirts. These skirts are environmental friendly. And can be made on customer’s requests starting from the colour to fabric and size. These skirts are very comfortable to wear and look very different from the other skirts in fashion. It is also applicable on A-Line, Pencil, Short, High waist and all the other patterns.

3D print on Jackets

3D printing on Jackets is to another level, its high in demand nowadays and has a unique pattern to it. It’s a unique blend of

with technology. The prints on jacket is flexible using rubber-like material. Also has a silky fabric lining that makes it super comfortable to wear. These jackets are also Customizable.  Apart from clothing 3D printing also expanding its way into other more categories like


3D Printing in Accessories had made a revolution. Very much detail and precision is given to every piece. Metal 3D printing on watch dials has been on-trend. Apart from this rings, bracelets are also on-trend. These jewelleries are delicate yet very fashionable. Nowadays it is not hard to find 3D print accessories as they are very much in use. A bold statement neckpiece with an elegant dress looks very ecstatic.


Every day new 3D models are getting live all over. Handbags have also made their sneak peek in this famous trend. This section of 3D printing is highly customizable. In the past decade, there has been an increase in online sales of handbags.


Another area where the use of technology is growing is with 3D printing in footwear. As we all know Adidas is one of the number one foot ware brand. It has developed its first 3D print shoes. By using the 3D print technique a Lightweight and open structure of a shoe model has been introduced to the fashion industry by Olivier van Herpt. Customized 3D print sneakers for both men and women as well as wedges for women have been introduced. 


Since this technology is still in its very early stages, great results are yet to be coming soon. This technology gives the designer more freedom and gives the consumer a more unique and fashionable way to express themselves better.

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