Natural Fabric - What is the reason for demand in 2021?
natural fabrics

Natural Fabric – What is the reason for demand in 2021?

Causes for the increasing demand for natural fabric in 2021

It can be categorized into two types, natural fabrics, and artificial fabrics. Natural fabrics are the ones that are extracted from the natural sources that consist of the raw materials from which the fabrics are spun. These natural sources are animals, plants, and minerals. Whereas, on the other hand, artificial fabrics are the fabrics that are made by humans with the help of chemical compounds. The raw material that is extracted from these natural resources is then spun into yarns and threads. These threads and yarns are then knitted or woven to shape them into natural fabrics’ form.

These are also categorized into two types, plant-based fabric, and fabric that is animal-based. Both of these fabrics have their respective extraction procedures and usable pros and cons. But it is experiencing a huge gain in demand in the recent year and the current one, 2021. This has become possible due to many of its pros. But it had always had those, the biggest thing that affected its growth this year and the previous one, was the increasing need for masks and face covers cause due to the panic of the epidemic around the whole world.

Advantages of using natural fabrics

They have seen immense growth in their sales graph in the past year and due to many good reasons. They not only decrease the chemical gases that are released in the breathable air when compares to synthetic fabrics. Aside from being environment-friendly, many other reasons have contributed to the growth of natural fabrics’ sales. Some of those reasons are as below:

  • Fit for wearing: The material characteristics of the natural fabrics make them quite fit for wearing for a huge amount of time. This is because it do not create any kind of irritation to the wearer’s skin and also are very gentle on it, do not cause any tear. This is quite an essential aspect when it comes to products such as face masks, which have to be worn for a full day. So being fit for wearing made natural fabrics is a star product during the recent ongoing epidemic.
  • Good absorbents: Due to being made up of natural raw materials, natural fabrics are very good at absorbing water as well as sweat. This is because it is made from natural materials, which consist of a very strong affinity for water. When used for making masks, headbands, towels, and handkerchiefs, this soaks water very promisingly. This also made it the right choice for using to make face masks.
  • Heavy made: This refers to the elasticity potential of the items from natural fabrics. These fabrics are the ones that are durable and provide long life to the product that is made from them. Having to wear masks and protective gear and suits every day during the pandemic made it necessary for the wearable products to be durable. This durability made natural fabric receive growth.

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