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Difference between occasional shopping and obsessive shopping

Difference between occasional shopping and obsessive shopping

Difference between occasional shopping and obsessive shopping

Shopping is an activity that intrigues everyone. Whether you are a fashion freak who always wants to wear the clothes that are trending or a gamer who just can’t resist the urge to buy the new skin or coins in your favorite game. Many people also consider shopping as an act of self-love and many studies have also shown that occasional shopping does elevate the levels of hormones that cause happiness. But then some people go way beyond the occasional shopping trend and start to see shopping as a way of treatment for their anxiety or depression and this always backfires. Difference between occasional shopping and obsessive shopping can be differentiated rapidly.

Key differences

The shopping that a person does base on his/her impulses is termed as an occasional or impulsive shopping. Whereas, the shopping that one does continuously with the foul mindset of gaining a certain feeling of relaxation is termed as obsessive or compulsive shopping. There are many major differences between both of these types of shopping. Doing a self-assessment is very much required to understand what kind of shopper are you. Some of the major differences between occasional and obsessive shopping are as below:

1. Daily habits

There are many major differences in the daily habits of an occasional and an obsessive shopper. Most of these differences are not only visible to the person who is suffering but also to those that are around him/her. Some of those differences in daily habits are as below:

  • An occasional shopper cares for his/her things and the objects that are in his/her house so that they have a long life. Whereas, the obsessive shopper does not handle their things properly and often loses them or breaks them easily.
  • An occasional shopper keeps track of the money that he/she spends on shopping and always has a limit that he/she would not exceed. Whereas, obsessive shopper spends their money without thinking twice and has no limit set for themselves.

2. Behavioral pattern

The difference in the behavioral pattern between these an occasional and an obsessive shopper can very easily be noticed. This is often because of the difference in the thought process of both of them. Some of the differences in the behavioral pattern of these two are as follows:

  • An occasional shopper buys things out of need or when he/she finds something attractive or intimidating. Whereas, an obsessive shopper buys things because of a feeling that they have or they won’t receive proper peace of mind.
  • An occasional shopper does not go berserk when he/she isn’t able to buy a product because of the scarcity of sufficient funds. Whereas, an obsessive shop starts taking a loan to buy the things that he/she wants to and therefore, gets financially declined.

3. Addiction

The difference between an occasional buyer and an obsessive is nearly the same between an occasional drinker and an addict drunkard. The occasional shopper opts to shop according to his/her mood whereas, an obsessive shopper shops out of their addictive behavior.

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