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9 basics you need to learn about fashion designing

9 Basics you need to learn about fashion designing

Does the word “fashion technology” sound too broad to be useful? Here are the nine fundamental aspects of fashion design. It is the development of a number of crucial phases from a vague idea to the successful marketing of a viable product. In order to design clothing and accessories, fashion designers must consider location, trends, and culture. Here are the 9 basics you need to learn about fashion designing in today’s world.

1. Arts

In the arts, it is an idea & the concept in mind. Art is the vague concept that arises in your artist’s mind as you picture a rip in your trousers that may make the denim pop or a strap that would draw attention to your collarbone, which is in good shape. To find and make art from a shiny metal drop or a smooth roll of fabric, all you need is a naturally curious mind.

2. Illustration & Drawing

All you need is a scrap of paper and a pencil as sharp as your idea. Just a little bit of your creativity and imagination will do for the stick figure in your drawing. A drawing is an idea, but an illustration is a well-articulated concept that has been put on paper and made into a usable product. Recognize the variations.

3. Fashion Designing

The illustration comes close to bringing your concept for the strap you needed on the well-toned collar to reality. Design is looking into all the possible ways to make the strap and collar come to life. With the aid of cutting-edge technology and professional mentoring, you might be able to design a braided strap, a strap with a gorgeous ribbon casing, or an entirely new approach to pattern building.

4. Construction of clothing

Pencils, papers, and scissors are the first tools used to create an impeccable, smooth design that looks perfect on a polished mannequin. It’s that easy. The terms “pins and needles” are used a lot in the fashion design industry. Before learning how to pin down the fabric to create clothing, stick the pins on paper.

5. Tailoring

You use the same little needle that you would use to mend a rip as the tool to give your artistic creation life. Fashion Your artwork only comes to life when the silky fabric is moved easily beneath the needle, from paper designs to garment creation. You get closer to realizing your vision of the popping strap that perfectly fits over your shoulder with each stitch.

6. Merchandising

Why snuff out your art from the world? The same strap that fits perfectly on you may be used to decorate a mannequin that would make customers swoon while they browse their #AmazonWishlist or from a polished glass window. doesn’t merely help you realize your artistic potential.

7. Fashion Forecasting

As a fashion forecaster, you can take on the role of the oracle of Delphi with a global career that focuses on upcoming trends. You’ll be able to foresee the colors, fabrics, textures, materials, prints, graphics, beauty/grooming, accessories, footwear, street style, and other styles that will be shown on the catwalk and in the stores for the upcoming seasons.

8. Fashion Costs

It takes more than just making gorgeous clothes, though. Before it’s placed on a stylish mannequin, you need to know how much it will be worth and how to market that strap on your shoulder. Calculating the whole cost of making a garment, taking into account the cost of the fabric, the labor, the transportation, and other business-related costs.

9. Networking and market knowledge

There must always be a stage and viewers for art. Your choice of fashion designing course and a college must have university affiliations that would enable you to reach out and be a part of a nationwide network that is limitless in its resources and networking for a smooth transition from college to career. This will help you find the right footing in the fashion design industry and know where to get what. Become knowledgeable about the industry and its trade secrets.


Hope all the above basics you need to learn about fashion designing help you gain more skills in this field. You can choose from a variety of Fashion Designing and Fashion Communication courses in a college that checks all the necessary requirements if you want to work in this elegant business. Under the direction of knowledgeable professors, Kift College of Fashion & Interior provides students with the best fashion design education in Vijayawada and Kakinada which helps the students to improve and enhance their creative abilities and have a kick start towards their careers.

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