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Best Eco-friendly fashion brands

Whenever we hear the term pollution, the first thing that pops up in our heads is the big pipes emitting smoke in the air or the water from chemical factories. But if you look into it, then you’ll get to know that the fashion industry is one of the major and central pollution industries in the whole world. This is due to the various chemicals that are used for treating the raw products from which our beloved clothing and wearables are made. Since having wearables is a worldwide need, the fashion industry is also spread throughout the world and so is the amount of waste pollutants that are created by it. Today the world need eco-friendly fashion brands.

What are eco-friendly fashion brands?

Due to such a huge amount of pollution being created by the fashion industry throughout the world, many new-age revolutionary companies have taken the initiative to produce quality products by using recyclable products and reducing their chemical processes to the bare minimum to none at all.
With every new year, more and more such fashion businesses are coming up with new ideas for decreasing the amount of pollution made by fashion brands to get down to the bare minimum. Due to having such an earthly initiative and work ethic, these companies have received a lot of appreciation from people all around the world.
Now, let’s talk about the best eco-friendly fashions brands on the whole planet.

  1. Boden
    Boden is a UK-based fashion firm that is based on the ideology of 100% sustainability. Boden is a universal brand and consists of a renowned brand value along with a large supply chain. The company only uses organic and sustainable fabrics for making its products. Boden produces clothing for babies, adults, and children as well, which makes it an all-in-one shop for you and your family.
  2. Pact
    Pact is a company renowned for its production line of basics. The base ideology of Pact is based on organic items being beneficial for the farmers, consumers, as well as Mother Earth. The cotton that Pact uses for making its clothes use 95% less water than ordinary cotton while avoiding any use of chemicals as well. The company’s selling point is the premium un-match softness of its clothing.
  3. Organic Basics
    Organic basics is a Denmark-based fashion company that uses organically produced cotton along with recycled fabrics for making its clothes. Its production methods are 100% eco-certified and include solar and wind energy consumption. Its clothing collection is perfect for anyone who likes to have a low-key look and still get enough attention.
  4. Vetta
    Vetta is a Californian fashion company that bases on providing its customers with clothing items that are made up of sustainable fabrics, packaged using recycled items, and made in eco-responsible factories. Its production line is based on providing women with day-to-day apparel, along with capsule wardrobes, corporate workwear, along some essential loungewear as well.
    All of the brands stated above are a cut above the else and can provide you with the best eco-friendly clothing on the planet.

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