Career Opportunities post jewelry design course


The jewelry design course is not a very easy one. It is an artistic job, every minute detail is very important while designing jewelry. So, they should have good knowledge of fashion and accessories. A jewelry designer should be creative and always think of new ideas. Those ideas should be so innovative and should accept by the world. Whereas in India jewelry is not an ornament they are a sign of culture, traditions, etc. So, the demand for jewelry designers is always high in India.

Requirements to be a jewelry designer:

To be a good jewelry designer you should have some qualities if you want to withstand in this career. He/she should have the ability to sketch the designs because we can’t explain the client without a sketch. So, we should give detailed sketching of the design before starting the mass production. One should follow the latest trends and work with them. Also, Always think creatively and innovate new designs. As a result, you can create your own brand and market. Jewelry designers should involve in the manufacturing process while doing unique pieces.

The modern jewelry designer must have the following qualities:

  • They should have sharp eyes for designing unique designs and understanding modern trends in designs
  • Able to work with all types of gems and stones. So, they should have expertise in gemstones & diamonds
  • Knowledge of computer Aided designing so they can design in computers
  • Create a reputation as a skilled designer in the meantime
  • He/She should be good at marketing their work to the client

You can learn all these techniques while learning a jewelry design course at KIFT Fashion College with industry experts.

Career Options post jewelry design course:

  • Jewelry designer
  • Jewelry Merchandiser
  • Production Manager
  • Gem grinder
  • Gem polisher
  • Gemstone Appraiser
  • Gem Assorter
  • Jewelry Historian
  • Auction House Cataloguer
  • Jewelry Exhibition Manager
  • Jewelry Setter
  • Entrepreneur

KIFT is one of the best colleges for fashion designing, jewelry designing, and Interior designing courses in Vijayawada and Kakinada. It is one of the leading Fashion Colleges and provides a promising career for the students. The institute provides industry exposure, along with technical & practical field knowledge with assured placements.

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