Denim Trends - That set the world on fire
Top denim trends

Denim Trends – That set the world on fire

Denim trends are forever. It has been the favourite part of clothing and is found in every girl’s wardrobe, no matter where you are in the world. It’s the most comfortable garment and can be paired with various styles button-up, button-down, t-shirts, crop tops, off-shoulders, you can pair it with anything however you like but still look very elegant.

Whether it’s through the waist details or the fits and lengths vintage influences renew denim trends from time to time. Denim is a key piece to own all year round. There are countless options to try and wear. In this article, you will read about the new denim trends in 2020 which are widely in use. 


As the name implies, Straight leg jeans are just what they sound like jeans that are straight from the thigh all the way down to the leg opening. They have a consistent leg width. Straight leg jeans offer a comfortable, classic fit and are a popular denim trend today. These are most favoured as they are nicely balanced with a simple cut and adds length to your legs.

Straight leg jeans look best when paired with a blazer and a printed blouse. You could wear this look to work easily with your favourite high heel pumps.


These are also known as Bell bottoms. These are a style of trousers that become wider from the knees downward, forming a bell-like shape of the trouser leg. A classic button-down is always a great option with the flare jeans and also pair it with block heels.

These were mainly popular in 1960 and 1970’s but designers from Celine to Paco Rabanne reintroduced flared jeans in their S/S 20 collections. They are also one of the most flattering styles of jeans for women. The modern flare adds a graceful, curve that can accentuate your feminine figure.


Loose fit jeans are loose throughout the fit of the jean. This denim trend is straight and ultra-loose, but with a tapered ankle to add some shape. As the overall shape of the jeans is so loose pair it with a top which is tight like you pair the high waisted loose fit jeans with a white crop top or a turtle neck top and sneakers to go with it. This overall combination will create a stylish look. Make sure that when you buy these type of jeans, it should perfectly fit your waist.


Boot cut is cut very specifically so that the upper leg tapers slightly to fit from thigh to knee, but widens a bit to widen from the knee down to the ankle, at the edge of the pants.

However, this jeans look great with short sleeve tops with a round or V-neck in flowy materials like lace, silk, cotton, or linen. Get tops that hit just below your waist to balance out the boot cut of the jeans. These look great when paired up with Ankle length boots.


Skinny jeans are the evergreen trend and will always stay in fashion. So 2020 has also brought skinny jeans in its denim trend collection. Skinny jeans are a Casual kind of jeans but it doesn’t mean they have to look that way. You can make creative and numerous outfit ideas with them. 

Pair your skinny jeans with a shirt, blazer, and high heels for a smart and casual appearance. Skinny jeans balance out the bulkiness of sweaters and coats. You can your skinny jeans with heels and sneakers depending on the look you are trying to achieve.


Vintage jeans are a classic and are definitely in trend right now. Wear them with crop top and simple heeled sandals for a funky going-out look. Straight-leg, high-waist is characteristic of vintage jeans, but you get the benefit of a modern fit. This is one of the best denim trends of 2020.

The year 2020 has brought us many varieties of denim trends which can be used as a casual look party look, office look when paired up appropriately. 

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