Future of Fashion
Future of Fashion

Future of Fashion

Future of Fashion is never going to end. It’s ever trending before, now and even in future. In fact in future may be fashion is going to bloom in various ways. Fashion is not only about dresses, It’s in everything from how we carry ourselves. 

Today the fashion technology is growing at a great speed than ever. From machines that sew and cut fabric, to Artificial intelligence algorithms that predict style trends. To virtual reality mirrors in dressing rooms, technology is robotic, customizing, and lightening up every aspect of fashion. 

In this article let’s go through the various aspects of Future in Fashion.

What expectations does future of fashion hold?

We all want to assume that every new fashion trends looks its best on us. So its duty of fashion industry to design apparels for people according to their body dimensions. So that everyone can enjoy possibly every trend. 

In Indian fashion industry, attires have been veritably modified till now. We can assume that the Indian fashion industry will undergo still many changes in the next decade to bestow an uncommon collection to people.

As far as retail industry is concerned, E-commerce will become the dominant force. And it will enable a lot more new brands to come out of nowhere, with very little infrastructure and still make money. This is already in process today and is a new thing for our generation.

New and Young fashion designers have bold and beautiful ideas which can be appreciated and totally be worn if designed in a specific way. The civilization of affordable shopping has led the way to escalate in the number of shopaholics, thus increasing shopping.

Future of Fashion in Technology:

Technology will make it effortless for us to do t-shirt characters and get printing done. This is already happening, direct to garment printers and dye sub have become wide spread. The time taken by a technical expert 20 years ago can be done in minutes through a standard plug in printer today. 

 We have already seen stirring fabrication material moving from plastics to those used currently. Additionally, there will be a variety of fabrications coming to use. It will be easy for you to re fashion your floor-length skirt to mid-length with the alteration of 3D and wearable experiments.

Shortly the time would arrive where there will only be hardly 10% of retail traders and rest will be online traders. The branded companies with digital access will inhabit most of the market captivating the young generation.


Future of Fashion holds a variety of inventions which are stunning and easily accessible.  Technology will make it easy for us to re connect and adapt ourselves to the increasing trends and modification the future beholds.

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