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Interior design trends have rapidly evolved. From floor changes to the ceiling changes interior decor has set a new unique yet beautiful pace. Interiors are very important; having a beautiful creative interior will give us satisfaction. However, some of the colours also cause a soothing effect on our brain. The first thing we notice when we visit someone is the interiors. Interiors need not be very classy nor expensive but doing a few changes to your routine style will give it a whole different look. 

Interior designing is not a rocket science, so in this article let’s go through few interior design trends which might be helpful if you plan to do an interior decor. 

Monochromatic effect

Mono chromatic effect in interior design trends is quite aesthetic and quite popular in 2020. Mono chromatic effect means a single colour comes in various shades, tones and tints of the same colour form a mono chromatic effect. It gives the interior space a very beautiful look and you can also choose the colour of your choice. Selecting calming colours can relax all your stress.

Dark coloured doors

Dark coloured doors and windows are totally in style this year. Having a light tone interior with dark colour doors and windows pops up the whole interior style. Pair the interiors with good furniture’s which will go with the whole concept of this design.

Antique Prints are one of the top interior design trends

This is kind of an Egyptian, Greek style of interior décor as we know that Egyptians used to write their scripts on walls. Well not exactly this style is same but a printed ancient look in your wall will just metamorphose the whole interior. To blend in with it few antique frames and vases can be decorated.

Warm tones

2020 has brought a new interior designing trend which deals with colours. Cool tones have ruled for a very long time, but now warm and earthy shades have taken over. Dusty green, olive, brown shades with neutral coloured chairs and sofas are the new trend. 

Real Plant decoration

Indoor tree in a room looks very cute. It straight away brings the outside in, making the room feel fresh and livelier. Also, not to mention that it does a prominent job filling awkward, empty spaces. Using real plants in modern interior design is a challenge because modern design seems to urge for clean lines and simplicity.

Coloured Cabinets

Coloured cabinets are totally in trend. Let alone those white, off white, steel coloured cabinets and adapt to a new coloured cabinets. Dark coloured cabinets will give the kitchen a different look. Adding a pop of colour to the kitchen will also lift up your mood. Emerald green, black and navy are some of the popular cabinet colour choices. 

Patterned Walls

Pattern is a textured design. Not only colours but also textures are very important when it comes to the interior decoration. It adds a 2D effect to the wall and brings out its uniqueness. In addition of many other graphic elements and wall decorations can also give attractive look to the décor as well. 

Wood Panelling is one of the top interior design trends

Wood panelling suits best with the simple interior decor. After the mid-20th century it has now again come back in the trend with a lot of unique designs. Now a days wood panelling is done in the interiors of the bathrooms. Thin sheets of wood are added to the ceilings and walls of the bathrooms to give it a classic look. 

Round Shape furniture

When choosing furniture for your interiors, round shaped furniture is safest and best as it goes well with all the interior styles. Be it simple, subtle, classy, loud it fits just correctly. It looks very comfortable, calming and inviting. 

Scaled/Scalloped walls

Scaled designed walls are one of the best interior design trends of 2020. It is pleasant and stylish. A recurrent chain of arcs, half-circle home decor and scallop-shaped furniture makes a subtle yet eye catching impression.


2020 has brought us a variety of interior design trends to choose from out of which few are listed. These styles will definitely change your interior and making it more unique and pleasing. 

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