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highest paid jobs in fashion industry

Highest paid jobs in fashion industry

Many people think of designers the moment they hear the word “career in fashion.” The business has much more to offer than only this high-level, highly desirable profession, including challenging jobs for fashion models, illustrators, merchandisers, and textile designers. It sounds glamorous and thrilling to work in fashion. While it is thrilling, working in the industry also demands a lot of hard work and a thick skin. Are you prepared to join the hustle & bustle of the fashion industry? Learn more about the highest-paid jobs in the fashion industry by reading on. For every skill level, there is a job out there, from graphic design to styling & writing!

Depending on your career, years of experience, field of specialization, company, and location, your income in the fashion sector may be high or low. Highest-paid jobs in the fashion industry include:

  1. Fashion Stylist

One of the highest-paid jobs in the fashion industry is Fashion Stylist’s and its main responsibilities include organizing and planning wardrobes to present and advertise clothing and help customers look their best. For photo shoots, advertising campaigns, TV and movie productions, and celebrity appearances, you can pick the attire. Additionally, you can be responsible for keeping up with current trends by going to industry events or fashion shows and events and buying clothing from brands, assisting on sets for other creatives, including art directors, makeup artists, and hairstylists.

Fashion stylists in India typically earn 4,87,500 annually and it varies depending upon the experience and skills they have.

  • Fashion Designer

New and unique clothing and accessories are produced by fashion designers. You often specialize in a certain product style and may create exclusive goods for shows, catalogs, boutiques, and luxury stores. You participate in all phases of the product’s development, from coming up with and developing design concepts to building prototypes and gathering supplies. You frequently present your work to those in charge of the production, manufacturing, and distribution processes.

The top of the industry is occupied by fashion designers. It makes sense that getting there is challenging. But becoming a trendsetter can be accomplished with a distinctive approach and lots of work. Designers are artistic geniuses that work for luxury brands. Many people begin by working for others before building personal brands.

  • Merchandiser Manager

Merchandising can be the right career choice for you if you are drawn to the commercial aspect of the industry. A merchandise manager collaborates with the purchasing group to provide merchandise to stores. Analysis and forecasting of sales and promotions are crucial. Managers of fashion merchandising make judgments about the availability, cost, and display of goods in retail establishments. Maintaining a store’s aesthetic appeal, organizing sales promotions, and monitoring inventory levels are among the daily duties. Managers of fashion merchandising also study consumer data and do market research. For example, they might utilize this research to identify which suppliers to buy things from or which goods will sell the best in their shop.

  • Retail Buyer

Retail or department stores employ these professionals. Their objective is to choose goods and brands for retailers. Retail buyers need to be aware of all market data, popular brands, and trends. They might attend fashion shows or collaborate with designers directly. Contract negotiations with suppliers may be one of their duties. As a result, they pick what will be sold in stores the following season.

This line of work offers a variety of opportunities. It consists of fashion journalists, editors, and editors-in-chief, and it’s the ideal employment for those who love writing and fashion equally. One can create a blog, operate as a freelance columnist, or work for a physical or digital magazine. Journalists cover all the key occasions, see all the shows, and speak with top business figures. A job as a fashion writer can be ideal for you if you have a talent for writing and a love of the fashion industry. You can wind up working for your preferred magazine, starting your own fashion blog on your own, or even doing freelance work for multiple companies.

  • Garment Technologists

Despite being the least well-liked profession on this list, it is the most exciting one which one can experience and build their career. Garment technologists develop cutting-edge textiles and innovative materials. Between science and the arts lies this line of work. One can create something entirely new or innovate on already existing methods and materials. You might also work as a garment technologist specialist if you have strong design skills. As a garment specialist, it will be your responsibility to watch over the production of a product to make sure there are no faults and that the final product is as intended. In this position, having a good eye for detail is essential.

  • Designer of textiles and pattern-maker

Designers of textiles are experts in creating patterns for upholstery and materials. They employ woven or knitted 2D designs that are used to create clothing, carpets, textiles, and other objects. Most textile designers typically select one of several professions to work in; those in the fashion industry focus on clothes. The work of textile designers answers the question of where the patterns on textiles originate. Every decoration on the garment, pillowcase, or sofa has a person behind it. They make patterns for a variety of materials used in both interior design and clothing. It is a rewarding and artistic profession where one can actually realize their original ideas. These specialists frequently work with garment designers to create original pieces. It’s a difficult job because they also make sure that each project has a minimum amount of fabric waste.


Although there are many high-paying jobs in the fashion industry, it is very competitive. Therefore, if you want to succeed, be sure to gather relevant job experience and information for the position you are interested in. For those with a passion for expression and a creative vision, fashion is the ideal field. It has many facets, including writing, modeling, and sales forecasting. Additionally, many of the occupations are interdisciplinary, which is quite exciting. They provide not only competitive salaries but also ongoing opportunities for professional development and growth.

The technical aspects of fashion designing, such as fashion art and design elements, will be covered in the fashion designing courses. In this course, similar surface ornamentation, pattern making, garment manufacturing, and fashion illustration are also covered. KIFT Fashion College has experienced an illustrious journey and set a trend in the fashion era. In the fields of fashion and interior design, KIFT holds the reputation of providing the best multidisciplinary education to its students for their future career growth.

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