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How To Find Best Denim

How to Find the Best Denim?

Denim is one of the fabrics that have gained a crazy amount of popularity from all around the world.
The color that has made this fabric even more famous and renowned is the indigo blue, and many of
its other shades as well.
To provide a brief description, denim is quite a strong cotton fabric with a diagonal ribbing pattern,
because if its twill weave making process. Denim fabric comes under the category of twill fabrics.
Twill fabrics are the ones that are warp-facing.
How many types of denims are there?
Well, glad you asked because to find the best denim for yourself, you need to know about the
options that are available to you. So, let’s get to know a little more about the types of denims that
are made.

  1. Indigo Denim
    As per the name suggests, this type of denim is made form dying the warp threads of the denim with
    indigo dye and for weft, white threads are used. Hence, most of the blue denim jeans that you will
    see are blue on their right side, on the warp-facing side, and consist of a sky blue or nearly white
    colored interior.
  2. Stretch Denim
    The name gives quite an imagination about the type of denim this is. The stretch denim is quite
    stretchable in nature and is used for making skinny jeans quite a lot. It is made from weaving
    spandex, or similar elastic component, with the denim to provide it with added flexibility.
  3. Crushed denim
    The term is quite self-explanatory and provides the right imagination. This type of denim consists of
    the usual denim fabric but the difference is the treatment process. The crushed denim is treated in a
    way to provide it with a crushed or wrinkled look.
  4. Acid-wash denim
    The acid-wash denim gets its name from the look that it provides to the fabric. This type of denim is
    just treated differently to provide it a new look. Chlorine and pumice stone are used to treat the
    denim to provide it with a marbled look. Hence, acid-wash denim is gained.
  5. Raw Denim
    Unlike the other denim types, raw or dry denim is refrained from being washed after its dying
    process. Doing so provides the fabric with a rougher and stiffer texture that provides a rougher and
    rawer look.
  6. Sanforized denim
    Sanforized denim is the type that is made for making the fabric washable and un-shrinkable after a
    wash. Every type of denim is Sanforized, except raw denim.
    What to look for while buying a denim?
    Now that we have covered the types of denim, let’s talk about what to look out for while buying a
    denim product for yourself.
  7. Fit: There are so many different fits, such as skinny fit or pencil fit, that you have to look for
    the best one for you.
  8. Wash: You need to look out for the wash ability of the denim that you are buying and
    whether it fits in your washing cycles.
  9. Rise: You have to choose whether you want your jeans to go up to your waist, above it, or
    below it.

The question for find the best denim is, the denims which are mentioned above to get the perfect match for you.

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