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Impact of covid 19 on fashion industry

Impact of COVID-19 on the Fashion Industry

How did covid-19 affect the fashion industry? Impact of covid-19 on fashion industry

The fashion industry is one of the biggest and most profitable industries in the world. But during the period of the covid-19 pandemic, things have not been the brightest for any working industry, indistinct the fashion industry. The fashion industry recorded a sudden and historical fall in its sales graph when the pandemic hit the world. This was mainly because everyone was too focused on buying supplies, saving money, getting a new job, and buying protective gear against the pandemic virus. Impact of Covid-19 on the fashion industry had done the disastrous changes in the industry.

Many people also lost their jobs during this period which made them even more aware to spend their money only on supplies and requirements rather than on fashion clothing. This posed a great threat to the fashion industry as due to this elongated period of suffering, not enough attention was paid towards such brands like it used to be. But this sales graph of the fashion industry is slowly getting back to its normal shape due to the safety measures that have been taken against the epidemic. Impact of covid-19 on the fashion industry had done many changes.

Which type of business in the fashion industry got the most affected?

During the initial stages and severe stages of the pandemic, the physical stores were made to shut themselves off for some time. This created immense losses to the brands and their respective sellers. On the other hand, the online fashion stores had a way different experience of their own. Due to being stuck at home and having only our electronic devices as the mode of entertainment, the online stores did not hesitate to make the proper use of this opportunity to lure people to their websites and product pages.

This allowed the online platform-based fashion stores to create a huge amount of gains during the covid-19 period. But it was not all that easy for the online store owners too as the deliveries had to be made by workers and the manufacturing and packaging can also only be done by workers. And due to the pandemic, there was a huge amount of shortage in the number of workers. Disobeying the proper laws of sanitation in work departments also caused an increase in patient numbers and made many businesses shut themselves off due to violating the safety measures.

What did the fashion industry gain from this experience?

Since the covid-19 pandemic is getting more controlled every day, many industries, along with the fashion industry, are reviving to their original states. But this experience has left many workers and companies affected. The fashion industry itself contributes to nearly 10% of the waste that is created all around the world.

During the pandemic period, this pollution level has decreased at a noticeable rate. Due to being confined in their own houses with limited means, many people have come to see and learned how to reuse clothes for long periods without having to buy new ones. This creates an opportunity for pollution to be reduced and the fashion industry to reconsider its way of manufacturing products.

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