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Importance of colour in Fashion

Importance of colour in Fashion

Importance of Colour in Fashion is the basic priority. Because, colour puts liveliness to life. The bright colour reflects happiness and positive vibes while the dull colours reflect sadness. However, as soon as we are born, we all are exposed to colour Psychology. Every colour has its own power to evoke every type of feeling. 

So, Colour is the first thing that people observe in our garments and it also leaves a lasting impression. The concept of understanding the personality is popular i.e., if a person loves wearing a particular color repeatedly, then it’s easy to understand his/her personality. So, no matter how beautiful the outfit is, colour alone can accent or spoil the beauty. Now, let’s take a deep look at the psychological relations behind the colours which are more popular in fashion. 


Black is the most popular and most wearable colour among the celebrities and normal people too. It reflects authority, power and it adds beauty to the personality. However, wearing black often enough can draw admiration and respect. 


Red is an intense color with the combination of strong emotions like love, passion, desire, sensuality and rage. This colour has always been known to captivate people and it has great implications in today’s fashion. According to the study, the waitresses who wore red lipstick got greater tips than those who are not wearing red lipstick. Red reflects power, strength and energy. Hence, it is the leading color among all the other colours.

Beautiful young woman in a luxurious dress with roses, rose petals, stylish image, red lipstick


This color reflects purity and innocence. White wearers are often seen as those who care about openness, cleanness and creative thoughts. Even global brands incorporate their color psychology into their branding. 


Blue is the other most powerful and it is the most popular color along with blue. The colour blue conveys peacefulness, coolness, relaxed mental and physical vibes. Blue gives people a sense of loyalty and trust. Blueness depicts the calmness in a person, making the comparison with the huge sky and calmness of water. This color signals the body to produce the chemicals that are having a calming effect. Hence, this is why most logos and uniforms are in some shades of blue.


Pink is sweet, delicate, playful and charming. The color pink makes a person look friendly and represents peace and affection. Pink can create the first impression when you are meeting a person. 


Yellow is the colour of sunshine. It represents  happiness, cheerfulness, optimism, enlightenment, energy and freshness. It refreshes the brain and nervous system and helps us to be more active. 

Hence, Colour is a powerful art that enables every individual to express their own personality. It carries such a strong connection with the person’s well-being. Hence, this process has been involved since ages. There are “Colour Halls” to treat and heal people from sickness. Now that you know how colours play an important role in expressing yourself. 

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