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specialized fields in the interior design industry

Specialized Fields In The Interior Design Industry

Interior designers are rethinking their responsibilities in the profession, with many of them reevaluating what it means to be a professional interior designer, as the business continues to evolve and grow at an unparalleled rate. The majority of people mistakenly believe that the interior design industry is only concerned with remodeling homes, businesses, or even public spaces. In reality, however, it has grown much larger than that and is now more integrated into our daily lives than ever before. In the modern world, interior design has replaced the notion that it is merely a luxury. Here are the different types of specialized fields in interior design industry which are discussed.

Commercial Interior Design

Interior designers who work on commercial projects, including large retail malls, well-known companies, offices for them, and warehouses, are exactly what this field is about.

Sustainable Interior Design

When the effects of global warming are at their worst, there is an abrupt surge in the sustainable development industry. People want to protect the environment, therefore interior designers use their creativity to offer non-toxic eco-friendly solutions for homes.


Every structure that is erected eventually ages and runs the risk of collapsing. To prevent this, buildings and monuments are restored if doing so would be less expensive than building a new one or if doing so would be necessary due to the significance of the structure.

Classroom Interior Design

With the introduction of new-age schools, parents have begun searching for schools with the best infrastructure for their kids, therefore this industry is also seeing growth.

Production Interior Design

A production interior designer is one of the coolest job roles since they get to create the sets for movies and need to use all of their creativity to highlight the grandeur of the film or television shows. For productions in film, television, and theatre, a production designer is responsible for creating various sets of designs, props, lighting, graphics, and occasionally even costumes.

Visual Merchandiser

Since they are the ones who create art in public spaces and breathe life into shopping centers, museums, and parks through their visual art, sometimes graffiti, or other visual elements that the public enjoys seeing, this industry experienced a huge boom as a result of the inflow of individuals going outside on a regular basis.

Exhibition Designer

It is a well-known fact that people enjoy visiting exhibitions to learn new things, and in such a setting, decorations are essential. Exhibition designers are used to enhancing the appeal of such places because they are skilled at highlighting public spaces and drawing large crowds with their creations.

Interior Decorator

As the name implies, an interior decorator specializes in remodeling a space’s interior and adds charm by adding modest but lovely decorations; they are currently the most popular and in demand.

Office – Home planner

When discussing the design industry, this is the field that comes to mind the most frequently. In this field, workplace and residential spaces are planned to seem attractive and lively, which gives the area a completely different atmosphere.


The above are the various fields that have emerged in the fashion industry, and one can pursue a career in any of them. However, some fields, such as classroom interior design, home office planning, and interior decoration, are somewhat similar and one may work in them as they are closely related and interconnected. If you’re interested in learning more about these professions or wish to pursue one, you can enroll at the Kift College of Fashion and Interior in Vijayawada and Kakinada, where you’ll acquire all the necessary skills.

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