5 must have skills to be a fashion designer

5 must have skills to be a fashion designer

Every profession requires a specific skill set that can both make your job easier and help you succeed professionally in your career.  In that sense, fashion is not different. Even though the industry is very creative and competitive, having some practical skills will help you get ahead. We will discuss 5 must have skills to be a fashion designer that any aspiring individual has to master to become a successful fashion designer by honing and developing these skills.

1. Be creative, artistic, and inventive

For each fashion designer, creativity and aesthetic ability are essential, but it’s especially important for those who wish to manage their own business. Your designs must appear attractive on the catwalk, in publications, and on social media. You shouldn’t be afraid to try new things with your designs; in fact, you should be prepared for the possibility that some of your plans won’t turn out as you had hoped. A career as a fashion designer might not be for you if you’re not prepared to take creative risks or if you don’t think outside the box when creating clothing.

2. Develop excellent hand-eye coordination

Good hand-eye coordination is one of the most important skills that a fashion designer should possess. To make your designs, you’ll need to sketch and draw, sew, cut cloth, and perform some simple math.

3. Should possess illustration skills

You must be able to sketch, draw, and produce your own designs. Some individuals mistakenly believe that being an illustrator and being an artist is the same thing. Illustrator is more than just skilled artist because they are also skilled at 3D modeling and illustration. To make your own fashion designs or modify someone else’s clothesline, you must be able to sketch.

4. Understand color and fabric

One of the most crucial components in fashion design is color. It has a significant impact on how your clothing will look on you and may make or ruin an outfit. When it comes to making clothes that fit properly and look well on people, the fabric is also crucial. Having knowledge of both can help you make clothes that are more aesthetically pleasing, feminine, and flattering!

5. Recognize trends in culture and fashion

You need to be able to recognize cultural and fashion trends if you want to become a successful fashion designer. To create new items or looks, you’ll also need to understand how to use them.

6. Have the ability to hand-draw designs

An excellent technique to get thoughts out of your head and onto paper is hand sketching. For this method, you will need a pencil, an eraser, and a ruler. You can use a protractor to determine how much space your design will occupy on a person’s body or in an outfit if that person is wearing one.

7. Be familiar with color combinations and shading

Additionally, you ought to be familiar with shading and color combinations. Combining colors is the technique of mixing various hues to produce a more subtle effect. When it comes to shading, this includes both the shading and the actual sketching of your drawings. 

Shading has a variety of applications:

-To enhance the quality of your drawings, add highlights and shadows to them.

-To highlight some facial features while concealing others.  


It’s time to begin improving your skill set if you’ve been considering a career as a fashion designer. If you already possess the talent, great. If you don’t, there’s no reason to be discouraged; any skill in this world can be learned with persistence, patience, and a combination of hard work and smart work.

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