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5 different types of fashion design

5 Different Types of Fashion Design-You Need to Know

Fashion design is one of the trendiest, most inventive, and most well-liked sectors worldwide. The world of fashion is enormous—no less than an ocean in and of itself. The fashion industry encompasses a wide range of categories. When deciding which one to pursue, there are several things to think about. There are all different sizes, shapes, and levels of expertise and education among fashion designers. This article will assist aspiring fashion designers in understanding the top 5 different types of fashion design. You might use it to plan your career path and the kind of fashion design courses you want to enroll in.

Let’s give a quick look at the top 5 different types of fashion design which are mentioned below:


There is a reason why haute couture fashion is at the top of this list. French design’s high-end apparel is known as haute couture. Custom-fitted, limited clothing, and accessory design scream haute couture. Fashion in the haute couture category focuses on comfort and usefulness in addition to beauty. The fact that each garment is completely unique is the most significant feature of this style of clothing. Since every component of Haute Couture design is manufactured by hand with a high level of detail, the construction process is exceedingly time-consuming. Haute Couture items are never identical.

Paris, France’s fashion runways are frequently home to haute couture designs. It has a lot of embellishments and extremely detailed craftsmanship. Because of this, most haute couture products are not mass-produced. They are also difficult to locate because they are frequently exclusively offered in high-end boutiques around the world. Here is another aspect that distinguishes Haute Couture fashions. In order to qualify as Haute couture, a specific set of conditions must be met, and strict rules established by the French government must be followed. Not every style or creator is eligible to create haute couture.


Another second types of fashion design is luxury fashion. Rich people have always desired high-quality apparel, and designers have catered to their needs ever since. These designers are now producing expensive clothing that can only be purchased in a certain region of the world. Luxury fashion is the term used to describe this style. Custom-made, expensive, bespoke, and easily accessible mass-produced apparel and accessories are contrasted in luxury fashion. This sort of fashion is considered luxurious since, even if it is not manufactured by hand, it is also not mass-produced. But these clothes and accessories are of the most amazing quality. Exclusiveness and restricted manufacturing are two further factors that contribute to the appeal of luxury clothing.


Cheaply produced and inexpensively priced garments are referred to as “fast fashion.” The majority of the time, machines are used to mass-produce clothing with no regard for quality or fashion. The phenomenon of fast-fashion apparel is quite recent. Its name refers to the fact that it is typically sold quickly unlike old fashion clothing which requires waiting until something is sold on sale. And because the prices are so low, many individuals decide to purchase quick fashion.

Fast fashion is also referred to as disposable fashion because the previous collection may be removed from stores as soon as something new becomes popular. And because it’s so cheap, people don’t feel bad about replacing their old clothes with new ones or buying new ones regularly.


The majority of individuals dress in a low-cost fashion. Typically, it is mass-produced and inexpensive. Typically, clothing is poorly manufactured, which affects quality and durability over time. Both fast fashion and economy fashion seems to be similar but only the significant difference is that economy clothes have far lower quality than fashionable apparel. The most effective method of mass-producing clothing and accessories is the ultimate aim of economic fashion and major another goal is to turn as much profit as possible.


Fashion that is ready to wear is a category of apparel that has been made and produced in advance. Typically, ready-to-wear clothing can be found on racks that are loaded with the newest patterns and fashions. The consumer can wear these items right away; no further changes are necessary. The consumer frequently buys them outright based only on their size. Clothing that is ready to wear is frequently less expensive than clothing that is customized.


Although some of these fashion categories have interchangeable names, this is what the majority accepts. While the fashion sector has its own quirks, challenges, and tough competition. If you are interested in it, it is one of the most welcoming fields. You can decide to specialize in a particular area of fashion and give your career a chance to make wonders in this field.

However, it would be beneficial if you still started from scratch. Our fashion designing courses may assist you with this by teaching you the fundamentals. The best fashion design courses are provided by the KIFT College of Fashion and Interior Design at Vijayawada and Kakinada which also has remarkable placement rates and excellent professors.

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