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     Things to consider while choosing Fashion Designing Institute: 

According to people of todays generation , between 2017 and 2023, garment sales accounted for 81 percent of all fashion industry revenue in India . The historically culturally and geographically-based Indian fashion business is slowly undergoing a paradigm change and aligning itself with more western and fusion trends. In addition, the apparel segment’s estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the Indian fashion industry was estimated to be about 14.4 perfect from 2018 to 2023 across the country. India’s fashion business is expanding so rapidly that the country’s young, millennial generation doesn’t want to continue to ignore the numerous options it offers.

The doors of numerous prestigious fashion design schools in India are now open to aspirant fashion design students. Young people nowadays have more employment options and prospects than ever before. At the same time, there is fiercer competition in every industry sector, including the fashion industry. Anyone looking to stand out in any business must perform at their absolute best. Students must select the greatest and top-tier institutions to study at in order to finish best or in the crème layer. The fashion industry is similar in this regard. To graduate from or earn a certification as a fashion designer, Indian students studying fashion design must select from among some of the top fashion design colleges in the country. 

The challenge for Indian fashion design students, however, is determining which fashion design college in India is the best to select and ranks as the best fashion design institute in India. The following is a checklist of factors to take into account when selecting the best fashion design school in India for fashion design students:- 


1. Acceptance or Recognition : The very first thing a student should check is whether the Fashion Design institute has received national or international level recognition or accreditation. Industry standards are met by an affiliated, acknowledged, and accredited fashion design institute. You will always have a better job and be generally accepted as a fashion designer if you have a certificate or degree from a reputable fashion design college. 

2. Available Programs or Courses offered : You should be aware of the programmes and courses offered by a fashion design institute before enrolling. What is the curriculum of the favoured college for fashion design, and what type of theoretical and practical knowledge is taught there? The fashion design school’s curriculum must to be up to date with the most recent fashion trends. The training in fashion design should cover worldwide, western, and fusion fashion trends in addition to local or national design trends. They ought to take a comprehensive strategy to the most recent fashion design industry guidelines. 

3. Worldwide Connections : The fashion design industry is a worldwide one, and the trends in one country have an effect on those in other countries. Studying fashion design cannot be done in isolation. Different social, cultural, and economic elements have an impact on how the fashion business develops in different ways. The Fashion Design Institute should consequently be aware of what is happening elsewhere in the world. They must possess an international affiliation in order to do that. As a fashion student, it is your responsibility to learn as much as you can about the Fashion Design institute’s many worldwide affiliations. The fashion design institute’s coaching methodology should be in line with current global fashion trends. 

4. The Institute’s reputation : It goes without saying that the Fashion Design Institute should have some sort of standing in the fashion world. There are analogous fashion design institutes in India that hold a certain level of repute, just like institutions like IIM hold a certain reputation in management. After that, you ought to have a ranking list of fashion design institutes. You might not be fortunate enough to be accepted into an Indian fashion design school of the highest calibre, but you should still have a backup plan with a list of second- or third-tier fashion design schools. 

5. Fees : You might need to know how much the programme or course will cost you from a practical standpoint. One of the most important inquiries you should ask yourself is What are the Fees for a Specific Fashion Design Program? And are the costs actually justified by the institute’s value and the calibre of its educational offerings? Higher tuition costs don’t automatically equate to better education. The fashion institute you choose should therefore take into account your financial situation as well as the quality of education it provides and the recognition, reputation, and affiliation it has in the industry. 

6.Specialization : Always check to see if the fashion design school you want to attend offers any specialisations. A broad fashion qualification is no longer sufficient to succeed in India’s fast-evolving fashion business and among millennials as a fashion designer. If you want to stand out in this day and age, you need a specialism. In the fashion industry, there is fierce competition. In India, there are many of young fashion designers that are ready to start their careers in the industry. The courses offered and the accomplishments of previous students should make the curriculum, particularly the expertise provided by institutes, clear. 

7.Trainers and teachers must be qualified : You must be aware of the person you will be training with. You need to be aware of the credentials of your teachers. How successful they have been in the fashion business or in fashion education? Does the Fashion Design Institute seek for mentors from the fashion industry? The credentials of instructors and teachers, particularly visiting guest academics or professionals from the fashion sector, are quite important. So, find out who the fashion experts are that you will be studying under. 

In conclusion, whatever fashion design school you select, be sure to choose wisely by taking into account the issues raised above. Your career in the fashion industry will be aided by selecting the best fashion design school. A reputable and well-known Fashion Design Institute in India, iNIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad offers 3 years of normal and 2 years of Super-Specialization Fashion Design programmes and certifications. 

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