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DIY Carpets to Brighten your Interiors

DIY Carpets to Brighten your Interiors

DIY Carpets increases the beauty of the interiors when they are correctly placed. These carpets give royal look to simple furniture. People spend so much of money for buying carpets but we can make beautiful carpets with simple things we use at home.  These DIY Carpets make our interiors brighter.         

Here are some DIY Carpets to brighten your interiors                

 Door Mat Carpets

We use different door mats for our home. With those door mats we can easily make carpets to make our interiors brighter.  We have door mats of different designs and patterns instead of using single pattern or design. Hence we can mix & match different designs and patterns and create a masterpiece DIY carpets.

T-Shirt Carpets

We throw our old T – Shirts but with those T – Shirts we can make beautiful and colorful carpets. Cut the T – Shirt into multiple horizontal pieces equally and start braiding them in the shape you want. Choose the correct color combination so that the carpet look beautiful and brighter you Interiors.     

Rope Carpets

This is the easiest DIY Carpet design. We use ropes in our houses right, with those ropes we can make this carpet. These really give new look to our interiors. Take the ropes and roll the rope in the circular pattern till the size you want and arrange them accordingly to the shape you need. We can also braid the ropes and make beautiful DIY Carpets.

Yarn Carpets

Generally we use yarn balls to make sweaters but with those yarn balls we can make DIY Carpets easily. Take a color of yarn balls which suits your interiors and weave according to the shape and design or with the theme which suits your interiors.   

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