Why is Fashion Illustration important for Fashion Designers?
mportance of Fashion Illustration for a Fashion Designer

Why is Fashion Illustration important for Fashion Designers?

Fashion illustration is the art of communicating the idea of the designer in the form of drawing. It is also known as Fashion Sketching. Fashion illustration is the first phase of designing. We have different ideas in our minds but can’t immediately design the dress then fashion illustration will help in giving shape to our ideas. It is nothing but sketching. It gives visualization to our ideas before sewing. Also it plays a major role in designing. 

The illustration is the first phase:

Everything begins with illustration in this industry. Without an illustration, nothing will happen in the fashion industry. This illustration is an initial picture of everything. It is the first phase of the designer to know his or her uniqueness. 


 Fashion illustration helps the designers to put their ideas practically. They give shape to their idea by drawing or painting. These sketches communicate the idea of the designers to others. It improves the creativity of the designer. The designer can change if there are faults before the design gets materialized. 

Creating new Fashion Trends:

The designer is the person who introduces new fashion trends to the world. This helps the designer to create new concepts and unique designs. Sometimes thoughts will change during drawing the idea as it gives life to the new fashion trends.

Improves creativity:

Fashion illustration helps to improve the creativity of the designer. It also shows the uniqueness of the designer. It helps him/her to rectify their mistakes in the design. Putting their ideas in the paper helps during the production process. 

Attracts new customers:

Fashion illustration helps to attract more customers. Sometimes people can’t understand when the designer is explaining that these sketches will help the customer to know about it. It helps the designer to market their product easily.

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