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fake designer clothes

Fake Designer clothes – How to spot Fake Designer Clothes?

One of the first things that anyone wants to do before going to a party or even leaving their home for any social gathering, is to look great and wear branded clothes that signify their taste in fashion and act as their status symbol. This is because such branded designer clothes are the ones that have a renowned and authentic brand logo printed on them, which tells anyone who sees it that the clothes are expensive. But there are a lot of counterfeiters filled in the market that sell you a fake product with a branding and design similar to its original counterpart. we need to spot fake designer clothes by simple things to follow.

This creates a need for people to be able to distinguish between fake designer clothes and their authentic counterparts. Distinguishing fake products from authentic ones isn’t a very hard task, but all that it requires is to pay attention to the details.

Ways to spot fake designer clothes

There are many ways by which you can distinguish a fake designer cloth from the original one. Some are these ways are as follows:

  • Type of stitches: Stitches signify the amount of attention that has been paid to the details of a product. Detailed stitching signifies that the cloth is made by an expert who pays attention to detail and such attention is mostly given to only the original products. Whereas, the fake cloth would consist of uneven and wide stitching on it that gives off the impression of a fake product.
  • The brand logo: This is the most convenient way by which you can spot an original designer cloth and not get mislead by a fake one. This is due to the extensive marketing that a brand does to notify potential buyers about their brand logo. This comes in handy whenever you need to see whether a product is genuine or fake as the fake brand logo will have some distinction(s) in it.
  • Buttons used: The buttons are the star player of genuinely branded clothing and can come to use when you want to spot a fake designer cloth. All designer clothing brands have their brand name or symbol carved on their buttons whereas, a fake duplicate would consist of cheap and unbranded buttons.
  • It’s the packaging: If you have ever brought a branded piece of clothing, then you know how much stress a brand does over the packaging of its products. It gives its product a proper brand label, a packing box with the company’s name and brand engraved on it, and some more accessories. On the other hand, fake designer clothing will consist of a cheap-looking absurd packaging with no such accessories along with it.
  • Material: The thing that makes a product famous and suitable for wearing is the material from which it is made up of. All the branded designer clothes are made up of a fabric that will just display its quality at the first glance and explain its comfort at first touch, unlike its fake counterpart.

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