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Lipsticks – Evolution Of Lipsticks

Lipsticks are the ornaments of lips that not only display the glee of their inner self but also the power that they consist of showing others. Lipsticks were originally invented and enhanced by women in the earlier ages but are now one of the things that are considered gender-neutral. This has become possible due to the constant decrease in the gender differentiating norms of the societies. Lipsticks have been around for about five thousand years now and it has only seen an increase in its popularity graph since then. This is also because the lipsticks are used in many more ways, such as rouge or an eyeshadow, now than it was used for before.

The lipsticks have also gained such popularity due to the increase in their emotional and fashionable value in the dress code of a being. As not only a proper matching lipstick signifies a good sense of fashion, but its different kinds of shades also signify the type of being its wearer is. An example of this can be seen in those who wear bold shades and that they are often perceived as bold personalities. But that didn’t just happen in a day or two or even in a year or two. It took many years of evolution for the lipstick to reach its current level of fame.

Stages of evolution

It has taken a lot of years to pass through for the lipstick to becomes what we know it today. This time had phases in it, and bypassing through each phase, the lipstick obtained a different kind of perception in the eyes of the people. Let’s know about some of its phases.

  • Sumerian Period: This is a period that is considered and declared as the time when the lipstick is perceived to be invented in the first place. This is an approximation taken due to the sculpture that had the carvings of Queen of Sumeria in it and had coloured lips. This is the oldest recorded carving with coloured lips.
  • Egyptian period: From the carvings that were recorded after about two thousand years from the time of its first Sumeria predecessor, this Egyptian period carving consisted of the queen as well as her pupil wearing a different shade of lipsticks. From this, it was realized that by the time this carving was made, lipstick had gained a significant amount of popularity and had become quite common than Royal.
  • The 1500s: This was a time that was way different from the ancient ones. This was because cosmetic products were considered taboo at that time. This was mainly because of the fall of Christianity at that time.
  • The 21st century: This was a time where wearing lipstick was considered more of a feministic act rather than a fashionable one. This was because the rising feminism at that time brought forth one of the boldest and brightest colours in the history of lipsticks. This is still going on quite successfully.

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