There was a time when Indians were completely uninformed of current fashion trends and attire. People are becoming more fashion-conscious as time goes on, and their attention to outfits and trends is growing, as is the number of fashion brands in India.

While fashion is constantly changing, several brands continue to provide their clients with unrivaled levels of excellence and, of course, style. These well-known fashion brands in India offer more options for brand-conscious customers, but they also compete fiercely with foreign brands that enter the Indian market after liberalization.

We’ve put together a selection of well-known fashion brands in India which are as follows:


Peter England is a well-known men’s apparel company in India. It is one of India’s most trusted garment brands, specializing in men’s clothing. The brand is known for its high quality, standardized fits, and different selection of fashionable clothing. Madura Fashion owns it and offers the most up-to-date formal clothing for men. It provides us with a large variety that includes everything a man needs in his wardrobe. They offer different varieties like casual shirts, casual trousers, jeans, t-shirts, polos, shorts, and chinos for everyday wear. They bought joggers and track trousers for activity purposes. They also sell undershirts, undergarments, and vests for innerwear which makes them unique in their own sense.


Louis Philippe is a high-end men’s clothing brand in India. Louis Philippe, which is owned by the Aditya Birla Group, is one of India’s top garment companies, and also shoe brand, watch, and wallet product manufacturer. It offers a variety of formals, semi-formals, custom-made clothing, and accessories as an international top brand for masculine clothing.

Louis Philippe’s clothing collection includes shirts, suits, t-shirts, and accessories to meet the needs of the style-conscious man.


Monte Carlo Fashion Limited is one of the best clothing fashion brands in India. It is a clothing manufacturer and retailer of cotton and woolen garments for men, women, and kids. We provide high-quality clothing for all age groups, including children from jackets to jeans, pants to shorts, sweatshirts to sweaters, t-shirts to tops, the brand has all kinds of clothing choices.


The Madura Fashion & Lifestyle initiative, Allen Solly, is now a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle. Today, it is one of India’s largest and fastest-growing brands that have trendy and style-oriented apparel, accessories, and bags for men and women, and is a premium lifestyle player in the retail sector. Allen Solly’s brand portfolio includes a product line from affordable mass markets to luxury high-end styles. It also targets every age group from children and adolescents to men and women.


Pepe Jeans is one of the most popular clothing brands in India. The brand is best known for the quality and variety of denim. Founded in 1973, the brand was started by three brothers by extending their weekend stall at Portobello Road Market in London. Besides denim, there are t-shirts, jeans, coats, polo shirts, and capris for men, women, and kids. It is one of the favorite brands of youngsters because of its funky style denim.


Park Avenue is a global fashion brand owned by the Raymond Group that is known for providing stylish and innovative wardrobe solutions to well-dressed gentlemen. The brand’s design reflects international fabric, color, and fashion trends. It is one of the best fashion brands in India, focusing on both customer satisfaction and quality requirements. In addition to men’s clothing, the brand also offers men’s fragrances, and skin and hair products.


Spyker was founded in India in 1992 to bring an international touch to Indian fabrics. Since its inception, the company has introduced innovative new styles and fabrics to the market. The company has a team of young and enthusiastic designers and merchandisers who are familiar with the latest trends in the global market. Best known for jeans, Spyker also offers a wide range of men’s cargo, chinos, jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, polo t-shirts, blazers, and innerwear for men.


Lakme is also one of the most popular cosmetic brands in India. Founded in 1952, it is now owned by Hindustan Unilever. Lakme is the first cosmetics brand in the country to introduce make-up to Indian women and is proud to be an expert on Indian beauty for over 50 years. A complete beauty brand that covers color cosmetics and skin care, extending to beauty services through the Lakme Beauty salon network. Its link to beauty and fashion was revealed through LAKME FASHION WEEK which is currently the largest fashion event of its kind in the country. 


Before it was owned by the Future Group, Pantaloons has now been takeover by the Aditya Birla Group. This brand is one of the most preferred clothing brands in India for establishing a style example for everyone. People who prefer all kinds of apparel ranging from traditional Indian to western clothing.


It is a famous fashion brand in India, the brand preferred choice for formal suits. Their branches of the company are available in Mumbai, Maharashtra, it is the largest integrated manufactured the worsted fabric in the world. Also, it is called India’s biggest woolen fabric market. In the country, Raymond has a distribution network of over 4,000 multi-brand outlets and over 637 exclusive retail stores. Branches of Raymond in the world are Over 55 countries including the US, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East too.


It is founded in the year 1980 & has been enjoying around 4 decades of success. They have an Italian designer named Chico, but Flying Machine is totally an Indian brand. In fact, it was India’s first homegrown brand. It is launched in the year 1980 by Arvind Lifestyle Brand Ltd.

It is mainly popular as a comfortable clothing brand, especially comfortable jeans. It offers jackets, jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts, both formal and informal shirts, trousers, belts, bags, sunglasses, and wallets too.


12. LEVI’S

 Levi’s is one of the famous brands in India. It is established by San Francisco-based Levi Strauss & Co. It offers different types of jeans, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, jackets, underwear, socks, shoes, skirts, belts, overalls, jumpsuits, and a big and tall range. Also, the jeans range by Levi’s comes with a different range of varieties. They are skinny, slim, boot cut, taper, flare, relaxed, and big & tall.


 It is an indigenous fashion brand, it also gained immense popularity because of its eye-catching collection which is a fusion of ethnic wear and western style. It gives importance to quality clothing more than anything else that can be seen right through in their designs. In the last few years, it has grown tremendously with a number of stores across the nation taking its exceptional quality and variety.

14. BIBA

 It is a well-known &also popular ethnic brand in India, it is designed for excellent recognition owing to its incredible Salwar Kameez, Kurtis, and other Indian traditional outfits. Their take exhibits ethnic Indian Fashion in its entirety as the embroideries and prints are truly magnificent and attractive. People across the world prefer it for stunning lehengas and Kurtis to get a perfect traditional and classic look. This Indian fashion brand was started by Meena Bindra in the year 1988. Present, it is one of the best ethnic wear fashion brands in India. It has over 150 brands and 225 multi-brand outlets too.


It was founded in 1949 and it is one of the most popular sportswear brands today. It is also the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and also the second-largest in the world, it is also a famous fashion brand in India for a long time. Adidas AG is the holding company for the Adidas Group that company is also holding Reebok Sportswear Company also. While it is more known for its shoes and other sportswear, it has an impressive clothing business catalog too.


Without a doubt, India is one of the trendiest countries in the world and is blessed with several fashion brands within our reach. There are many domestic brands as well as reputable international brands that give them good competition. Indian fashion has a chance because we humans always love to try and showcase trends around the world.

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