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Home Library Design Ideas

Top 5 Home library design ideas

Home library design ideas out there are million! However a home library is a must have in every house. Also, designing a dream home library has become exciting and challenging nowadays. People who tend to love books want a library in their home because they want to read them in a perfect atmosphere. 

Once you understand your requirements, check out the following home library design ideas that will help you plan your dream library. 

Cozy Reading corner home library design

This type library design is perfect for any corner of your home. However, reading corners can even be created in small homes. So, select a place of your home where you can find some peace. Now fulfill your requirement i.e., a couple of shelves, arm chair and a window ledge (with a garden will be an added advantage for the reader).

Simple wall-library 

The simple wall-length bookshelves give a perfect simple look without sacrificing the space. Also, this is the most effective home library design. This design is simply functional and flexible and is also ebay to customize for use in any space. 

Under the staircase

However, the space under the stairs in many homes is left unutilised. So, all you need is just a well-planning to transform this place into a beautiful home library. Finally, couple the potted plant with an armchair to increase your reading interest.

Bedroom Nook

For the bed time readers, it is easy to transform the corner of your bedroom into a reading nook. A reader can use headboards or wall shelves for storing books. Adding a nightstand would be a perfect combination. 

Home library design with gallery style shelves

Shelving is an art of any library design. This library design has a feel of an art gallery with framed photos and a dramatic background wall color behind the shelves. Add the lighting fixtures to the walls and pull the sofa together nicely. 

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