What are the common Interior design mistakes to avoid?
Common interior design mistakes to avoid

What are the common Interior design mistakes to avoid

Interior design mistakes can spoil the whole look of the interior decor you have done. We see home decor items and may think to use it but we don’t exactly know where. Using the décor items at wrong place also is considered as an interior design mistake. Interior designing takes clear set of knowledge to make the interiors perfect. To avoid interior design mistakes we have to keep in mind the lightening, room size, placement, colours and many more things. There are so many little things which can either make the décor or break the décor. So attaining a right balance is very important to avoid interior design mistakes.

In this article let’s go through few interior design mistakes which are necessary to stay away from.

Bad Lightening:

Many people tend to keep only one type of lightening in their homes. Having only a big bright white type of lightening is also an interior design mistake.  It’s better to have different types of lightening for various purposes like wall lamps, floor lamps and ambient lightening. Low dim lights can be fixed and used whenever necessary always having that big bright light doesn’t seem like a good interior plan.

  • Hanging Curtains:

Some people hang there curtains  too low.  This one of the interior design mistakes people often do. They hang the curtains just above the window which doesn’t look good. It also gives the appearance of smaller windows and sometimes obstructs the light as well. Try to hang the curtains just 2 centimetres below the ceiling and let it fall till the floor. This will give the illusion that the windows are larger. 

Measure your Space:

Measuring space before buying any art or any furniture is very important. If you take an art piece which is too big for your wall, it will get wasted. Hence always measure the width and length, draw a floor plan and always measure the space for your items.

Wrong size Rug:

It is important to choose the correct size rug for the room. It’s also one of the most common interior design mistakes.  You have to avoid rugs which are too small for the space. Choose a rug which fills the complete furniture area. Your rug has to also cover the chairs and not only the table. Otherwise the look might not be appealing.

Hanging Art:

 Hanging an art piece too high is probably the most common interior design mistakes. Make sure that the art is hung at eye level, which is the proper way to hang it. If ceilings in your house are tall, you can go a little higher for the balance. Also, you should make sure that you put the right-sized piece in the appropriate place. 

Matching Everything

Once there was a time when matching furniture sets were in the rage, but that is surely not the case now. Mixing and matching colours, themes, art and furniture is the way to get a comfortable and stylish room. But his does not mean that  you should muddle your room with mismatched items. So remember that matching everything is not the only resort. Sometimes having items which are opposite will create a contrast effect and look more put together and beautiful.


Try to experiment. Mix and match but avoid these few and common mistakes which might take away the look of your whole interior décor.

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  1. I never thought about interior design mistakes but I guess you can make mistakes with anything that you do. These are awesome and I’m not sure I would have thought of all of them,
    I do agree with measuring for sure. Which of these is the most crucial?

  2. You know what? I totally agree with you when you pointed out that strategic lighting has huge influence towards our desired interior design. My son has been thinking of refurbishing his living room before next year. I’ll ask him to hire a professional so the end result will be splendid later.

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