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Is it green next to black in fashion industry

Is it “Green” next to “Black” in Fashion Industry

Fashion industry, over the year’s now it has been maintaing ethical practises. The use of raw materials to the all the other distribution costs and working conditions has been very particularly maintained. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is the people and the planet. A day comes when whatever is not sustainable, not be seen as fashionable at all. A true green fashion movement will address the harm causes by conventional clothing production, especially in respect to mankind.


The customers use their money to support green fashion companies and designers. The people are not only investing in environmental sustainability, but environmental justice as well. By supporting minority-owned businesses will come in representing the green economy.

 Fashion Industry has always observed the conduct of the people and always has the power to make every thread you wear count for a significant purpose.  The other way of describing it as something that incorporate both eco-friendly fashion and ethical fashion. The fashion industry is now showing the renewed interest in eco-friendly designs. It’s high time now to wake up and take control. We should be empowered to take positive action so that we can leave the world in a better place. 


The customers are now actively looking for the products which are eco-friendly and are from the organic material. The customers are so enjoying and involving in the new trend that they want proof of the manufacturing. They also want to know materials which have been used, the labour requirements and pure transparency. 

This is not without all the challenges but as the costs are still high, there are always advancements and improvements that can be made. There is no denying that many genuine environmental programs that help citizens make environmentally acceptable decisions.


Sustainability has steadily started to lace its way into the fabric of the fashion industry. In later years new and innovative materials, products, brands which have value started to emerge in the mainstream. However, These new brands are managing a range of issues. From the use of materials and the conditions of workers and shaping consumption patterns and  behaviour. The important first steps in fashion’s industry are to make significant long-term financial investments. The sustainable material innovations include technologies that motivate a closed-loop system.  

People are now asking about supply chains, people want to be more knowledgable about the clothes and all the things they buy. With such conditions many businesses are now able to preserve truly sustainable and ethical practices.  Now it’s time to take the next step towards living a more purposive life and to start living wide awake. 


The direction of the Fashion industry has been moved up and people are becoming more conscious about the new green and are more acceptable towards it. 

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