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fashion trend cycle and its different stages

Fashion Trend Cycles & its Different Stages


A style or appearance that becomes fashionable within a specific time period is referred to as a fashion trend. A style or appearance must be worn by a large number of people to be regarded as a trend. Two different types of trends are at work.

Micro Trends: Trends that begin and disappear within a few years or a few months.

Macro Trends: Changes in demography and lifestyles are the key factors that characterize macro trends because they last for a longer time.

How do trends in fashion begin?

Fashion trends can start in a few different ways. The most frequent instance of this is when famous people or other public figures are seen wearing a particular look or style. The fashion industry itself is another source of the emergence of trends. Fashion designers frequently do this when showcasing their most recent designs on the stage. If a certain look or style becomes popular, it might do so quickly. Trends can sometimes develop naturally. This occurs when a group of people—often young people—begin to adopt a particular appearance because they find it trendy or fashionable.

How do trends in fashion end?

Fashion trends can begin in a variety of ways, and they can end in a variety of ways as well. Trends typically come to an end when they have completed their intended course. This indicates that the look or style is no longer seen as fashionable or in vogue. In other circumstances, a trend may begin to fade after only one or two seasons. When a trend becomes mainstream, it can also go out of style. This frequently occurs when a fashion trend becomes so mainstream that everyone starts to wear it. When something becomes too prevalent, people begin to get tired of it, and the trend eventually fades away.

 Fashion Trend Cycle and its Different Stages

The fashion cycle is a natural progression of a fashion trend from its introduction through its widespread acceptance, decline, and eventual rejection at the stage of obsolescence. The fashion cycle, which sees new trends come and go, causes a constant change in the fashion industry. A fashion trend goes through five crucial stages: its inception, growth, maturity, decline, and obsolescence. 

Introduction or Inception: A trend’s beginning, or introduction, occurs at this point. Usually, trendsetters like celebrities, designers, and other famous public personalities do it.

Growth or Increase: At this point, the trend starts to take off and gain popularity. As more and more people adopt the look or style, it finally becomes popular.

Peak or Maturity: This is the point at which a trend reaches its oversaturation. People frequently view it at this point as being too common and become tired of it.

Decline: At this point, the trend starts to fall, primarily because the market has become too saturated.

Obsolescence: This is when a trend reaches the point of no return and is eventually replaced by another trend. People will begin to perceive the trend as being outdated or out of style throughout this cycle.

What types of trends are there in fashion?

Athleisure, off-the-shoulder tops, and ripped jeans are a few examples of current fashion trends.

A popular style that combines athletic and casual clothing is athleisure. Beginning in the early 2010s, it quickly received attention among young people.

Clothing that exposes the shoulders includes off-the-shoulder tops. In the summer of 2016, they rose to fame, and they are still going strong today.

Another example of a current fashion trend is ripped jeans. Despite being around for many years, their popularity has recently increased.


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